The experts in bespoke, custom A/V Installs

Music Venues

Bespoke customized installs from the live sound experts. No matter what space we are catering for, from 100 to 10'000 seat venues, we can... and have made it happen.

  • Concert Halls
  • Rock Venues
  • Clubs
  • Bars
  • Stadiums

Houses of Worship

Clean, Organized solutions tailored specifically for religious houses. Perfect for sermons, seminars, bands.. Everything your place of worship deserves.

  • Churches
  • Religious Centers
  • Local Properties
  • Houses of Worship

Unique Quotes

When you ask Buddha Systems to your space, we will work with you on and off-site to cater for your venues needs, and create something uniquely brilliant.

  • Personal Touch
  • Experienced Team
  • Clean, Considerate and Transparent
  • Conforms To You